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I rarely purchase a game at full price and with good reason. Marketing is so good these days lemons look like gold in the right light. A rule of thumb I tend to follow when making a selection is the publishing company/creators involved in the project. For example Arkane and Bethesda are enough to peak my interest’s with any title they develop. Hands down my purchases with them have been pleasant and rewarding to date.

When Prey first arrived in the Summer of 2017 my first thoughts were to buy the title after the first initial reviews. After some contemplation and meditation on the matter I decided to stalk Prey now making it my prey for when it dropped in price.

As the time passed I finally made the decision to make a purchase. Well after Microsoft extended $10 in gift points to be redeemed as I saw fit on one of their products. So with another $10 I went in for the kill the day before Turkey Day.

Oh what a great choice this was after playing addictingly for 3 hours straight. The world, story, mystery and sci-fi details are simply uncanny. Prey’s game world exploration is based on the Metroidvania subgenre, which Japanese game designer Koji Igarashi helped innovate. This innovation is a rewarding experience for a diverse crowd who likes multiple elements to devour while gaming the wee hours away.

So if you have the coin to spend and you catch this gem on sale. Grab it and you wont be disappointed.

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