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XBOX ONE X The Day After

In the city of Philadelphia, it was literally a stormy cold night on the 7th of November 2017. The winds were a tad harsh and the air brisk throughout the entire day. Of course I worked that day but my thoughts were on my family being home. Not because I was concerned for their welfare but greedily for the packages that were in tow via UPS.

One package was to be an exercise bike to help aid with giving me the edge on healthy living during my later years. No I’m not old but if I’m going to make to a ripe old age I want to do it looking; well good and not with an adult pamper on.

The second package to my surprise was the legend in the making. Yep it was the Xbox One X. I pre-order this gem about some months back with the assumption it would be here after it’s release. Well that’s usually my luck I assumed.

But to my surprise the alert came in that the package was to arrive on launch day.

When the door bell rang about 7pm in the evening I swiftly met the driver and gave him an ear to ear smile with both arms extended. After closing the door it was off to do the un-boxing video,

exercise bike assembly, then yep off to bed (Huh?). Yeah I think I got about 10 minutes into Assassins Creed: Origins before my eyes protested immediate shut down.

Today was a different story with my willingness focused on the external memory transfers and internal downloads. Then the update hit and things do seem to move a bit faster and have a crisper look. I can’t really tell 100 percent yet for sure but there does seem to be a face lift.

What I enjoy most at the moment is being able to party up with friends on the ONE. Big switch to when Xbox One came out and peeps on the 360 were totally segregated. Those days though have ended and the family has finally reunited.

More details coming soon.



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