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Xbox One Deals of the Week: 7.25.17 to 7.31.17

Well its that time of the week once again when its time to put up or shut-up. Games, games and more games are on sale and while it sounds like a breath taking event, one must watch their step to not purchase a lemon.

My browsing has unearthed one title worth taking a risk on for the coin. Yep I dropped 10 whole bucks on Technomancer, a title that has been on sale at least 4-5 times this year already. This time around the price has dropped just enough for me to add it to my collective que for later game play. I know, I know your probably like $10, but hey 10 bucks is worth 60 to the patient game collector. Besides I’ve been stalking this title for awhile and it seemingly has all the elements I crave in an RPG.

Other than that nothing eye catching was worth making anymore moves toward buying. Either I had the titles or I played the pass option. But hey that’s just me. I’m sure though with a little digging one lucky gamer could produce a winner for their collection. One such title lingering in the midst that’s already apart of my collection is Diablo, and not just any Diablo selection but the Eternal Collection.

So its time to make a move before the reset on Tuesday.

Game On!

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