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Xbox One Deals of the Week: 7.18.17 to 7.24.17

Deals drive some of us to become successful collectors of games. It’s an art within itself to find worthy titles to add to one’s collection. Xbox Deals is one such place in which a collector can carefully attain titles at a discounted rate opposed to paying $60 each and ever time when something peeks the purchaser’s interests.

This week $15 can purchase three worthy titles I’ve personally spent hours gaming on until my heart’s content. Both Battlefield’s 4 and Hardline are a reasonable $5 a piece.

Now that’s a worthy price for both titles not to mention the deals offer extends to both title’s premium additions.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst also lands in the $5 category and is definitely worth every penny if not more. Being Faith once again running the roof tops is truly appeasing if you liked the first installment.

That’s not all this week worth noting. The latest installment of Doom from Bethesda is half off to top the charts if your interested in a real keeper. This game has it all and promises to give one the utmost satisfaction.

There’s more but go ahead and check it out for yourself and let me know what caught your eye if anything.

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