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VICE’s Waypoint

So every gamer should know by now there endless ways to view, read and participate in game related content. Sometimes we read and view some reviews as treasures for making purchases with our or someone else’s hard earned money. So who to trust in this saturated gaming market culture to have an unswayed point of view? Well I’ve been asking myself this question for some time now and have stumbled upon Waypoint a new podcast segment of VICE that’s gamer related.

What’s VICE? Well, “Vice is a print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics. Founded in 1994 in Montreal, Canada, the magazine later expanded into Vice Media, which consists of divisions including the magazine and website, a film production company, a record label, and a publishing imprint”.

Vice is by far a popular show to watch because of its seemingly accurate account of world, political and climate views and attentions it presents with raw hard facts.

VICE has expanded recently to cover a wide range of interesting topics that continue to peek interests. One such topic of course is game related with its addition of Waypoint.

Waypoint is VICE’s home for gaming culture, built to explore how and why we play. Through original video, editorial, podcasts, and streams, Waypoint looks beyond the press and product cycles, with a focus on the people and community. Whether a game was a commercial success or lost relic, we’ll cover the culture, passion, and politics of gaming”.

What makes Waypoint so good, is its untarnished point of view. Plain and simple it puts veterans and newbs together to present conversations and gameplay for being well informed on any and all game related subjects.

Not sold yet? Well check out Waypoint for yourself:

We have feeling you won’t be disappointed.

Game On!

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