Friday , January 19 2018
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Thoughts on Project Scorpio Price Speculation

Well the holidays are drawing a bit closer and rumors are flying around in great size. The whispers taking today’s headline spotlight, is of course the launch price of “Project Scorpio.” Speculation dictates a $399 price tag. Now that’s an eye catcher and game changer. It sounds like Microsoft has learned it’s lesson facing heavy weights like Sony. PS sales have dominated the current console generation and personally Microsoft has to yield and say “Uncle.” There is hope for the giant and the solution seemingly is to beat Sony not only to the market with the next gen console in gaming but at a reasonable price too just in time for the holidays.

Will Sony take this lying down? Probably not but the PS4 Pro is not the answer. The answer is coming but will they be on time with it before Microsoft draws first blood? Let’s wait and see as the time draws near.


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