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This Week on Xbox ep.26 Review/Reaction

Well finally most of what we’ve been waiting for has finally come to a reality. Co-streaming, custom gamer pictures and much more take the spotlight for eager fans to enjoy at their leisure this week. Most of these unique experiences have been used by yours truly for about two months now under the Alpha Insider Program. But I must say it’s no fun unless all have them to enjoy.

Co-streaming via Mixer comes as the top highlight on my list because of the endless commentary options that are now available from multiple perspectives. For a minute there I was wondering if Mixer would be able to contend with some well known streaming services already in place. Luckily for Microsoft the think tank has come up with a likable keeper that should keep peeps streaming to Mixer for some time to come.

Number 2 on my list was the announcement of custom gamer pics. The customization option proves to be an endless process for personal enjoyment and sharing. If your a touch savvy like me you’ll start using a photo editor to customize your pics via the web. Then move those pics to the OneDrive and easily transfer your creation to the ONE.

Number 3 for me was the mention of assigning a controller to your Xbox. Interesting little feature that allows you to sign in under your profile by the flick of a button. Some times its the little things that matter and additions such as these get swept under the rug every now and then.

So there you have it just in time for the Summer with more to come next week.

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