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The Road to Scorpio

So what’s it going to be? Project Scorpio is slated to be released next holiday season and in the midst of this knowledge most gamers continue to gorge themselves on games and games until their heart’s content with no end in sight.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, one must remember a 4k television or monitor is needed to seal the deal with a Scorpio purchase. So for a minute let’s take a step back and look at this situation outside the box before time runs short.

Ok one could actually road map the successful attainment of a Project Scorpio on launch date if this holiday season goes toward attaining a 4k television or monitor. For most of us that could be possible if we coerced all our relatives to chip-in on the deal. That would just leave you a few socks and underwear short, not to mention game less for the holiday season, but in the end at the top of the gaming food chain.

Next as we all know is the birthday collection plate in which we usually attain lesser items of value but none the less, potential revenue for the attainment of said Project Scorpio. In short, make sure that you have all the receipts to return anything that can’t be traded-in at GameStop. Harsh I know but trust me you’ll thank me later.

Finally the next holiday season will be upon us and by then you may smell a bit and have holes in your clothes but rest assured you’ll be prepared. Now this is when you sell the rest of your gaming soul to your loved ones to get the famed Scorpio. BOOM! Your in.

As for peeps like me whom are the provider of such gifts you receive and not the receiver really anymore. Oh and various other groups whom don’t celebrate the holiday seasons and or birthdays. Stop buying new games, save part of your income text check and or get a second job because that’s about the best you can do to get ahead.

Either way, I hope you’re all successful in your Scorpio and (why not?) PS4 Pro schemes of attainment. Remember to do no harm and game on.

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An avid gamer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whom is a graduate of the University of Phoenix. Accomplishments consist of an MBA and a Bachelors of the Sciences degree in Information Technology. Other interests are martial arts, cooking, music, anime, comics, and yes playing a whole hell of a lot of video games.

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