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Jon Bernthal aka Frank Castle is a familiar face I’ve come accustomed to throughout the years. His most memorable works etched in my psyche are that of the infamous Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead; and while his presence was brief during the series it was ever lasting. So when I heard and saw good old Jon was to be the unforgivable Punisher on Netfilx I wasn’t stunned at all. As a matter of fact he fits the build perfectly. Nuff said.

Good enough for me, so I started watching the series and while I made a boo, boo by watching the last episode first (duh!) I had to start of off at the very beginning to get back on track. Now almost 3 episodes in I can say I’m truly satisfied with how this series was brought to life.

Frank Castle is by far no Magician and doesn’t hold any special powers or large sums of money. Oh no! The Punisher just kicks ass by far as best as some of the most top rated heroes to date. The hand to hand combat and fire arm displays are exhilarating to say the least. Hell, the story isn’t that far from being down to Earth believable in a sense.

If I was to sum up my current view of this series the word “Unmerciful” and phrase “Don’t poke the bear” flashes to my head almost instantly. Just like I remember the character of my youth to the tee. Certainly not watered down just straight with no chaser.

Ok I’ve glorified it enough at least until I finish the series in its proper order.

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