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Stranger Things 2 Review

Stranger Things 2 aired October 27th, 2017 and it came just in the nick of time for the Halloween season. This Netflix original series has that nostalgic feeling for those of us born in the area of Arcades and VHS tapes. I mean they hit it on the head all the way down to the bronze baby shoes. Details. Yes details are important and it shows the creators with director included; are doing their homework to make this series a memorable one for all generations across the boards.

While only 3 episodes in I’m savoring the moments and found each entry to be nothing short of entertaining from start to finish. All the main cast members are back in Hawkins with a few familiar and new faces too. One new addition to the team is a tomboyish character named Max or Mad Max if you go by her gaming score. Also Eleven pops back up and it would seem her unique ability isn’t so unique after all.

The alternate dimension even shows scary promise with some new sinister elements that will truly unfold as the story progresses. Yep its a fine season indeed and while I could go on and on I’ll leave here until I finish the whole season to completion.

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