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Star Trek: Discovery

Well its been sometime indeed since we’ve been graced with a Star Trek series. Yep I for one have been wondering periodically when the next inevitable series would debut. See in my mind Star Trek never dies off, it just hibernates. Well with the hibernation at an end we have a new series that takes place a decade before Kirk and crew set off on their 5 year mission.

Yes a prequel series in a sense. Well that didn’t sit well for me initially because personally I wasn’t a fan of Enterprise the Star Trek series when it had it’s time on the air some time ago. A sour taste indeed, but of course I stayed optimistic.  Then I hear that the series will be on CBS All Access for a fee. Oh no what have they done? Aaarrrrggghhh! They pulled the football away just like that.

No worries a Star Trekie like myself is all in and I watched the first episode and was totally in shock. I really didn’t know how to feel. At first I wasn’t impressed at all. There were some familiar faces there like with Sonequa Martin-Green who played Sasha from the Walking Dead and Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. But I wasn’t really feeling the old Klingon ploy again.

Well lets see, its episode 5 airing at the moment for me and now I’m impressed. The action and the visuals are on point and I see endless directions for the story itself to unfold. No spoilers just watch for yourself and see how you feel. Also, let’s just hope Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman have what it takes to keep the helm on course because Trekies are also hard to please. Oh its true, so very true.

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