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Spotify on Xbox One

At first I thought it a good idea to do a video on YouTube to aid gamers outside of the U.S. to find an alternative to Pandora. Pandora just doesn’t seem to be everywhere like I toke it for granted to be. So it only seemed right and my duty as a YouTuber to find an alternative. This mission has uncovered SoundCloud and maybe one other additional app but the feeling was still if I’d fallen short.

Well finally last night I had the opportunity to experience Spotify for the first time via Xbox One. I was wondering what all the hype was about as I saw Major Nelson’s advertisement featuring a Spotify logo during my browsing a few days ago. In my personal opinion at the time Pandora was the ultimate experience in music with iHeart Radio bringing up the rear. I found out though abruptly I was wrong and there was an experience waiting to take me to the next level.

Full albums and playlist for free from some of my favorite artists were the first notable features. That in itself was amazing. The albums may be a bit older than current releases but that’s good enough for me to relive some of the feelings and memories from youth.

Occasional commercials pop-in here and there but nothing that disturbs the experience. So on that note dig in to the experience or if its not available yet use your voice to make it happen at your location today.


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