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Sales Grab: Elite Dangerous

There’s nothing like a good video game to pass one’s time for whatever reason or reasons. When I was younger the gaming world of PC & consoles were fairly new and the titles arriving like Halley’s comet. Selections these days are many and come so frequently that its somewhat confusing to make a sound commitment for dwindling away the hours.

Just like a used car dealership, many lemons are out there promising great features and  endless game play, but once purchased deliver nothing more than a heart broken and resentful wallet.

So what to do today? Well instead of purchasing a title straight away, why not wait until the anticipated next big thing goes on sale? Just face it when I state depending on where and what you game with, titles go on sale & gameplays with open betas are frequent enough to keep your 30 – to 60 bucks at bay.

So now the introduction is out of the way, my title for the Sales Grab review this time around is Elite Dangerous. For Sci-Fi fans who crave realism and adventure there’s no finer game available for consoles at the moment in regards to space travel. Good space games are few and far in-between and it toke me a good number of months to submit my wallet to this title. My resolve dictated that I wait for a sale to commit to the purchase and my choice was rewarded with a gem of a title that promises to have more in store for me than what I initially I bargained for with a potential purchase of a season pass.

The title itself is fairly priced in the $30 range and is well worth it. But if your not too sure just yet by my words of encouragement then please wait for it to go back on sale and give it a try. I found that my hours today are happily spent exploring just the vastness of space, not to mention the thrills of being surrounded by other players if I wanted. The options and variations of gameplay are too numerous for this blog but just go over the features yourself and if your a sci-fi buff or just looking for something new to get into you shall not be disappointed.



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