Friday , January 19 2018
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The Other Side ep.1

This is the first official episode with Quickster Q and me Kyle aka Vigita76 hitting the podcast scene for the first time. Here is the criteria for the evening.

Destiny opened its beta moves up from Sept. Pre order only PS4 the 19th Xbox and 21 for everyone

  1. Tell tale doing last season of walking dead and releasing 2nd Batman
  2. Dragon Ball Fighter Z Trunks released Piccolo and Krillian
  3. Walton Goggins joins Antman and the wasp 
  4. Shazam starts productions in feb 2018


  1. Game of thrones episode Dragonstone
  2. Dying light and marvel heroes omega and hit man 

Discussion:  What’s more important in Gaming Controls or Graphics ?

Rewind: Game 5 years ago Skyrim  Dawngaurd

Game 10 years ago : Civilization 4 

Game 20 years ago : Starfox 64

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An avid gamer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whom is a graduate of the University of Phoenix. Accomplishments consist of an MBA and a Bachelors of the Sciences degree in Information Technology. Other interests are martial arts, cooking, music, anime, comics, and yes playing a whole hell of a lot of video games.

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