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Playstation 4 Getting FALLOUT 4 AND SKYRIM MODS

Thats right people PS4 is getting mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Now orignally PS4 was not supposed to get mods on thier console cause playstation denied the access of mods. but im sure from your guys tweets and emails sent to playstation really made them change thier minds about not allowing mods on thier console for one people will get to play the way they want to now and i’m for one happy for all the playstation 4 players who play fallout 4 and soon to be playing skyrim will now get to exprince mods like the rest of the people and i hope to hear from creators and players of what mods they created for a caertain console and what mods you people are playing please comment on our 2 facebook pages links: , and if you want to view the annocement of ps4 mods here is the link as well

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