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As an avid gamer and also a solid fan of anime for many years, I’ve grown particular to what I view as worthy of my attentions. Series and games come and go and most of the time it’s either our wallets or moments that get wasted.

Luckily for myself, giving Overlord a shot was and still is one of my best decisions of late. This title incorporates gaming aspects into its well-crafted story line.

Hats off to Kugane Maruyama for writing this masterpiece that launches viewers into a virtual world in which Momonga campaigns to have his guild Ainz Ooal Gown and name promoted and upheld throughout this mysterious land. A land he’s seemingly trapped in once the servers supporting the game Yggdrasil have gone off line for good.

While I’m tempted to go further I’ll cut it short and state if you like hardcore games, and anime then give Overlord a chance on your next game break. You won’t be disappointed.

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An avid gamer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whom is a graduate of the University of Phoenix. Accomplishments consist of an MBA and a Bachelors of the Sciences degree in Information Technology. Other interests are martial arts, cooking, music, anime, comics, and yes playing a whole hell of a lot of video games.

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