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OK so Justice League wasn’t BAD

So I was one of those people who hated of the Justice League without seeing the movie for myself first. I toke many pot shots at my podcast and gaming buddy on the basis of some random criticism and box office numbers. Shame on me. If this was Game of Thrones then I would been followed by the lady with the bell as she ushers me through the streets yelling Shame, Shame, Shame.

Now hold up, DC isn’t out of the woods yet after that stank Batman vs Superman brought forth but they do get points for trying to cover the mess up. In my opinion they’re 2 for 3. The Superman reboot wasn’t bad at all. Then came the dive and now its back to up, up and away.

OK so I’m a bit tired to unpack why I thought the movie was worth seeing, but lets just say all the elements worked for me. The humor was on point coincide with the action.

DC does have a way with rolling up a lot of major events into one movie, and while there’s nothing wrong with that I do think some name changes would have been in order. For instance, instead of Batman vs Superman; I may have opted for the Death of Superman instead. Of course I would have stretched out the whole death scenario a bit more but its already known that Batman and Superman have a little friction between the two.

Well anyway, what’s next? I for one would like to Green Lantern make an appearance or have Martian Manhunter step into the fold. We’ll see what the powers behind the current come up with. I just hope they make it good and hold out through the storm.

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