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Is the DC Universe Moving Too FAST?

Aside from the Flash in the DC Universe moving at Earth shattering speeds, there seems to be equal movement on the production side of things these days. Aside from the content being unusual in the selection department it has become apparent patience has become a non-existent factor also.

For example: The Superman remake directed by Zack Snyder staring Henry Cavill seeming set the tone for what was supposed to be a promising future. Then speed it up super fast and Batman vs Superman/Doomsday/Death of Superman becomes the next installment.

So story wise the movies did no justice to what the comics did in reference to content. Seemingly there was no build up aside the Wonder Woman movie slipped in-between. Wow what a disappointment and now we’re faced with spin off movies that should have occurred before Justice League launched.

According to a colleague of mine there’s a saving grace in the Flash Point alternate timeline. Well maybe so or not but why not build a sound foundation before shattering it to pieces to form something else?

Ah well I could go on and on but it’s no use. If DC doesn’t pull out something soon we’re going to be faced with another Suicide Squad movie to muscle our attention’s through. And we all know how the first one turned out 🙁

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