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Hard Copy or DLC?

Hard Copy or DLC?
Hard Copy or DLC?

As a child and throughout my years as a teen I loved to just sit and look at my games. I think it made me feel accomplished to view the pile accumulated on the floor next to my TV. Over the years I kind of lost that feeling due to my inability to properly manage my cartridges and or disks. I think the older I got the more rougher I became up till this point. Now it would seem my daughter and son have taken over mismanaging of their and my gaming resources two fold.

So whats the answer to maintaining software content without it turning up defective? My thoughts were directed to DLC or better put down loadable content purchases. “Why so man”? Well I figured that trading in games is not the best way to go these days. I’m not really desperate enough to trade in half my library for one new title. I think I would rather have my gaming purchase just collect dust before I take myself down that dark road again and again or leave my children in charge of my collection.

So it would seem  DLC is the best case scenario for increasing my library without the headaches of having my disk state it can’t read the content. Oh, memory is starting to get cheaper also. So on that note my opinion is mine but to each there on.


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