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fallout 4 nuka world news, 1.7 update, and (spoilers) from far harbor dkc

this week is last weeks news but for thouse who dont know this month is the month that bethesda might be releaseing thier final dlc for fallout 4 known as nuka world. now i’m guessing what you guys are saying like what do you mean this might be fallout 4’s last dlc well for thouse of you dont know the main creator of the fallout 4 game said that this will probley be the last fallout 4 dlc but thats up to the rest of the creators. now thier has been some theroies this month of where will nuka world take place what is the story gonna be about well im gonna give you my ideas of where it is gonna be and what my theory is on what is the story gonna be about. now looking at the map of trailer that was shown at  e3 by bethesda to me it looks like it will be up further north like far harbor where the mountains are. now the story we might learn more about our character and the day the bombs fell. like we might find out that we took are baby shaun thier before the bombs fell or we might find out like in far harbor we might actually be a synth. (spoilers) dima does ask us do we remember anything before the bombs fell all we say it was the day the bombs fell so dima tells us nothing before hand no memories of childhood or anything like that so if this is gonna be the last fallout 4 dlc they need to awnser the big questions people have wondered about since the begging of fallout 4 and far harbor and i have a feeling that bethesda will do just that. in other news this week bethesda released the 1.7 update that adds support for the nuka world dlc and you know the person we all hate marcy long well we get to end her for good as now she is no longer essential after the quest sanctuary so have at her kill her in more ways then one now.

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