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fallout 4 dlc conecpt of nuka world is not the last fallout 4 dlc if so make it into a sepreate fallout game

now i know what alot of people are gonna say including maybe bethesda but did they create a dlc for pittsburgh in fallout 3 called the pitt and you would be right but alot can change over the course of that time for example fallout 3 and fallout 4 have some characters from the fallout 3 like Dr. lee from fallout 3 she was part of the institute in fallout 4 another charcter in fallout 3 that was in fallout 4 was maccready he has a son and is also a compainion dogmeat is also one that came from fallout 3 and fallout 4 takes 10 years after fallout 3 so alot can change int that time like the city could actually turned better from the ten years you been gone from it plus it give now if nuka world is not the last dlc for thouse whodont know what i mean the the head of fallout 4 creators said this might be the last fallout 4 dlc (might) meaning we might get more dlc but he said thats up to the creators now it like i said before it can be dlc for fallout 4 if nuka world is not gonna be the last dlc or the can make a future fallout game in the city for me i would like to enter the stadium of hinez fieldn, pnc park, and consoe energy center and it gives them more room to add weapons because remember back when bethesda where starting to work with fallout 3 dlc they probley didnt have much knowlage they could add to fallout 3 in dlcs now they can i can think of a few weapons that can make a great come back either as a dlc or as a seperate fallout game 1 weapon i know everyone will love to mod in the weapon workbench it is the auto axe also know as the steel saw now you might be saying is that to much like the mr handy buzz saw well kinda but the auto axe and/or the steel saw is more bad ass if i do say so my self a couple new weapons i can see in a new fallout 4 pittsburgh dlc or a fallout pittsburgh game is football launchers that you can hold like the baseball pitcher that you can only set as defense at settlements can also grenade footballs and a fat man that can shoot either modfied football or regular footballs and call it shot deep to the endzone or something that feels like football related also hockey melee weapons you can add hockey sticks to weapons and also puck guns that shoots pucks also you can have new clothing in the dlc you can have football gear jerseys shoes stuff like that also you can have hockey gear like golie gear new gloves helemets plus the with the hocky features you can make the hockey skates into a weapon now you probley wondering right now why im just naming sports weapons for a fallout 4 dlc or future can what would be the diffrence well for one if that do decide to keep making dlc for fallout 4 it would keep up with the sports times for one it would make better sales for bethesda cause before fallout 4 dlc were annoced people really expected a return to the pitt 2 for thouse who dont know or just dont watch hockey the pittsburgh penguins won the stanley cup 2 steelers has six super bowl and 3 pirates have alot of good player on thier team like time to list the settlements that can go with a pittburgh fallout 4 dlc or future fallout 4 game the settlements would be pnc park,hienz field, and console energy center  and much more if anyone else has ideas for a fallout 4 pittsburgh dlc or a you tell us and bethesda why you thought it would be a good idead to make a pittsburgh fallout game you guys choice to say and i hope bethesda sees this and either makes piitsurgh fallout dlc if nuka world is not the last one or make it into a complete diffrent fallout game

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