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Dwindled Support for Twitch and YouTube Apps on Xbox

Not sure if this is a surprise or not but since the app and UI for both Twitch and YouTube debuted on the Xbox console way back when, things have seemingly stood still. Doesn’t really matter the Xbox variation, just pick a console, because the apps are still the same now as they were then. Mind you, Twitch did receive a few updates here and there but for the most part its all the same on the surface and under the hood.

The streaming service industry is big business these days and Amazon and Google hold the the primary slots so far. Google has YouTube and Amazon Twitch. Well Microsoft has vowed not to be out done and purchased Beam now Mixer for an undisclosed amount in August of 2016. While the news is pretty dated as news goes it would seem support has all but dropped off for up grading both the Twitch and YouTube apps on Xbox consoles across the boards.

For example: I purchased and received my Xbox One X on launch day and have had it ever since and YouTube still runs at 1080p. Wow! What drag and its not an anomaly. When I checked my tv settings and the X it registers 4k 60Hz. Even when I run the YouTube app on my Roku TCL I get 4k videos to run fine on YouTube.

Some of my friends on the Xbox are appalled and even envy Sony PS4 owners for being able to use YouTube’s UI to its maximum potential. I for one don’t really care and was in envy about a year ago but have gotten over it. After Microsoft’s purchase of Mixer I knew there would be back room conferences to paralyze both YouTube and Twitch to a crawl.

Well I guess its long live Mixer. At least on Xbox for now :/

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