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Downloadable Games are Gaining Popularity?

The days of holding a long awaited title in one’s hands or waiting in long lines for that midnight release are seemingly coming to an end. When I was younger I couldn’t wait for my grandmother to take me to a door buster sale on a Black Friday to grab a few those long anticipated titles I longed and dreamed for all throughout the year. Now a days my mind set and availability have changed. No longer do I have the time to wait in erratic lines to push others to the side in hopes to bet those veteran shopper old ladies to the stack of the games way at the other end of the store.

These days I find making a purchase online for a downloadable game highly more efficient. Other than long lines, I don’t have to pay for scratch protection at the local GameStop or transportation cost. Another game changer is the promotion of purchasing a platform game that can be played on multiple settings and upgraded for free to a 4K format, such as with the new Gears of War 4 title promoted by Microsoft.

PC gamers are no strangers to the downloadable purchasing of titles and if you have a Steam account there are no cheaper prices for titles around. It’s almost like downloadable titles are being given away and if you do the math there’s good reasoning for why the prices are so feasible.

Now don’t get me wrong. If I happen to be near a GameStop or Walmart and they have a sale on games and or accessories, I will go in and if I find a gem of a game or accessory, make a purchase. But since the chance of finding a good deal is rare and far in-between these days for hard copies, I’m more inclined to make a pre-order or purchase online for a downloadable title.


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