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Disabled Gamers Week Highlighted By Twitch

Well this indeed is a breath of fresh air that has the gaming community shining bright as of late. Recently Pokémon GO has been taking over the gaming news world by storm all around the globe. While there isn’t anything wrong with the reports of Pokémon activities here and abroad, a story has arisen that has grasped my immediate attention.

Disabled gamers is the subject matter and the length Twitch is going through to make them known throughout the gaming community. According to Kotaku, “All week on Twitch, non-able-bodied streamers will be demonstrating how they modify controllers, speak in sign language or do any variety of things to better integrate into the streaming community. Thumblessgaming, Blindgamer102, CombodudeTheGamers, DeafGamersTV and CrippledKenny will be showing their stuff all wee as a part of the AbleGamers event.”

In my opinion this indeed is an event that should be held annually. I have friends with various handicaps, some severe and some minor but that doesn’t stop them from kicking major ass in games like COD and the likes. Also I personally think they would enjoy the lime light for a bit.

Anyway Twitch television Gamers Of Diversity salutes you.


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