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Destyiny 2 Beta Day 1 Review

Well it is finally here and I must admit excitement was in the air when I saw the Beta downloaded to my platform like Santa Claus delivering a present on Christmas Eve. Once the download was complete I started my old Destiny ritual of making the room perfect for the time that was to be spent dwindled away playing till my heart’s content.

Day One and immediately I was captivated by the story which actually had a plot and villain. Yes! that’s all I really needed to get me going to start. The need to have some real depth added to the story and its characters. From here I felt ready to dive in. The controls were (and I assume still are) smooth and had that great feeling when I squeezed the trigger. The rumbling of the controller felt amazing. Also the visuals were no less than superb mind you. Ah yes Destiny 2 I’m feeling it.

Then immediately after the story mode ended it happened. It felt like Destiny 1 all over again. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing but as soon as I started the first strike I got that grinding feeling. Could be nothing and honestly I have faith that Bungie truly has all their ducks in a row this time. So did I make the pre-order? Well lets just say decisions should be based on time and multiple handling of the game. Besides the Beta is open all weekend.

I’ll keep you posted and game on.

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