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DESTINY Post Release Review

So Destiny has finally been released and was met with mixed reviews. But now that some time has passed and the initial fog has cleared a few of my comrades have settled for Destiny as it is, and that’s a formidable shooter with great potential. Frankly Destiny was everything I thought it would be even though I was drunk off the various reviews and comments available throughout the gaming community. I’m not perfect and can admit that at first I had some mixed feelings but lets briefly examine why I like it so much today.

Now that I repented and that’s out of the way lets go below the surface to explain my thought process on the matter. After playing hours upon hours of game play I found that I like farming for various artifacts that could be potential legendary items when pursuing objectives such as in the daily and weekly events.

Sure some of the events can be cumbersome but with a difficulty level setting optional for most events ass kicking becomes more pleasurable to experience opposed to seemingly throwing rocks at a giant on hard to impossible difficulties.

Is that all? Well no there has been some spawnage of random events such as the Queen’s Bounty and the Iron Banner to mix up the mundane repetitive cycle of seeing some destinations over and over again. Which goes to show that when that dangling carrot is hanging in front of a player anything is possible and old becomes new again and again.

So the formula works and before long the DLC will be upon us and we can repeat the cycle over again, but this time with a little more content involving the main story. So lets conclude there’s much more to talk about but we’ll leave it here for now and pick it back up after the drop of the first DLC “The Dark Below” to expand upon the discussion.



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