Friday , January 19 2018
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I rarely purchase a game at full price and with good reason. Marketing is so good these days lemons look like gold in the right light. A rule of thumb I tend to follow when making a selection is the publishing company/creators involved in the project. For example Arkane and …

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XBOX ONE X The Day After

In the city of Philadelphia, it was literally a stormy cold night on the 7th of November 2017. The winds were a tad harsh and the air brisk throughout the entire day. Of course I worked that day but my thoughts were on my family being home. Not because I …

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Xbox Original Compatibility Launched

Backwards compatibility for the Xbox family is now extended to include original titles for our gaming pleasure. The initial news toke awhile to set in but the shock was not long after in tow. Further news illustrates a face lift view via pixel overlay to make appearances all the appeasing …

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Spotify on Xbox One

At first I thought it a good idea to do a video on YouTube to aid gamers outside of the U.S. to find an alternative to Pandora. Pandora just doesn’t seem to be everywhere like I toke it for granted to be. So it only seemed right and my duty …

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Destyiny 2 Beta Day 1 Review

Well it is finally here and I must admit excitement was in the air when I saw the Beta downloaded to my platform like Santa Claus delivering a present on Christmas Eve. Once the download was complete I started my old Destiny ritual of making the room perfect for the …

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This Week on Xbox ep.26 Review/Reaction

Well finally most of what we’ve been waiting for has finally come to a reality. Co-streaming, custom gamer pictures and much more take the spotlight for eager fans to enjoy at their leisure this week. Most of these unique experiences have been used by yours truly for about two months …

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