Saturday , January 20 2018
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#1 Youtube Innovative Gaming Podcast

We’re back with some healthy conversation centering around Innovative thinking and angles for creating better Youtube experiences for viewers. Also we’ll cover the latest news and events in the gaming community. Join us on Facebook: Gamers Of Diversity Join our club GAMERS OF DIVERSITY on xbox live Interested in being …

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Sales Grab: Elite Dangerous

There’s nothing like a good video game to pass one’s time for whatever reason or reasons. When I was younger the gaming world of PC & consoles were fairly new and the titles arriving like Halley’s comet. Selections these days are many and come so frequently that its somewhat confusing to …

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The Pokémon Go Invasion

I remember Pokémon hitting the scene 3 years after I graduated high school. Yes I’m that old and Yes I loved every episode of the series. Hey I even shed a tear or two when Ash parted with Butterfree. Yep those were the good old days and as the years …

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Rumors Of Sonic’s Return

Yes you recited the title correctly, a new Sonic game is potentially in the wood works. According to GAMEZONE, Purcell (2016), “Game director Takashi Iizuka said: “We at Sonic Team – are developing a completely new game, as well as developing a full movie, actively done by Sony Pictures, and …

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