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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Review

Is Advanced Warfare all its crack up to be after its day zero launch? Well the opinions vary in my little gaming community of diverse gamers with about a %50 satisfaction rate thus far. Surprising? Hell No! That’s to be expected simply because Call Of Duty tends to do that to people. My reasoning behind that theory is centered around the multiplayer thirst for killing. Thing is, it sucks if you’re the one being killed time after time because you chimed in around 6a.m. opposed to the 12a.m. launch when the game dropped and the servers became publicly active.

So what do we know? Well I can only give you my honest opinion on the matter. I personally feel the game is better than Ghost by far and that in itself is the most important goal I wanted achieved when I first started playing Advanced Warfare. Of course that’s not the only objective I wanted accomplished but it was a significant start to get me playing more.

The story mode thus far is spectacular to say the least, coupled with smooth movements, earth shattering visuals and superb acting. I’m hooked on that aspect of this title and plan on nursing each level with care. Without giving away any key details on the matter I will state that potential views in this game aren’t that far-fetched and the breakup of content does up the ante on replay value.

Moving to the multiplayer side of things I got that initial C.O.D. feeling as soon as the level launched on Domination. In this clip you can see that while most of the game play has that visual nostalgic C.O.D. look but with enhanced detail; the levels are more broad in a sense after which was realized for me after playing for a bit and looking at the replay of me being shot from above.

On the other end of the spectrum there is that spawn camping element that seems to be the Achilles heel of game enjoyment we all know from previous experience. Well what are you going to do? Probably rage a bit which is arguably justified. No biggie.

The weapon attachments and perk upgrades are nicely complimented with exo-additions to make for a more interesting and loosely strategy based twist. And I could go on but there is no need to and another thing that is extremely important. Please note: this review is only after playing two stages of the story and about 2 hours of multiplayer action thus far.

So in conclusion. Is it worth money? Sure it is. Did I see Zombies? No but it’s okay the game seems to make up for it with other features (so far) and we can’t rule out Zombies entirely just yet. I’m just glad the title is better than Ghost but until I official play everything this game has to offer, Black Ops 2 is still number 1 in my book. Why? Because I would still be playing Black Ops 2 now if it were launch day instead of writing this article.

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