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Buying Destiny 2?

Bungie has announced it’s inevitable up incoming release of Destiny 2 and while it’s not a surprise one must ask their-self truly one question. Is this purchase worth your hard earned money? Don’t get me wrong the first Destiny initially was a master piece. It just lacked a structured story line that usually gives game characters depth . The game play and visuals kept me going despite it’s short comings. Well at least that’s what I thought for awhile until the numbness wore out.

But after farming to level-up and repeating quests to no end I began to feel a bit cumbersome. Usually in these cases the dlc and updates can breathe new life in areas where there’s a lack of or none.

Well yes and no is the answer for Destiny’s case and that comes as a never ending pocket pinch that gives you more of the same mindless repetition that came from its launch.

Sorry Bungie for those harsh words but I’m not to good at evening out the good and bad so much. I will say no one will ever replace what you did with Halo and that’s a firm fact.

But I believe we must be given more from Destiny 2 in the realms of story, character depth and pricing for dlc. The farming aspect isn’t bad and I could even live with the repetition but unless there’s some fine tuning going on I might have to sit this one out.

I truly hope that’s not the case but we’ll see. At least the trailer looks good with the Deadpool knock off.

Destiny 2 Trailer



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